We will save you precious time by managing one of the most critical areas of your life.


No commission, hidden fees, or product sales.
Just sound, objective advice. We’re independent, which means we work directly for our clients – not banks, brokerage firms, or insurance companies. As sworn fiduciaries, this allows us to consider many possible solutions for your planning and investing needs, with only your financial interests in mind.


Systematic and strategic, not reactive.
Successful investing requires a dispassionate, disciplined strategy applied over time. We provide choices, consider alternatives, and plan for contingencies using a thoughtful, methodical approach designed to prevent careless mistakes that cost you your hard-earned money.


State of the art technology and virtual office.
Eliminate spreadsheets and paper statements and streamline your finances in one place using our convenient online system. You can easily follow your financial plan, investment performance, and personal financial statements via a single user-friendly online dashboard.


Specializing in tax efficiency.
Tax planning can play a crucial role in financial planning and investment management. With years of CPA experience, we will leverage our knowledge and experience to ensure you’re taking advantage of proper tax planning techniques.


Concierge firm that prioritizes personal attention.
Unlike larger firms driven by commission and sales, we are nimble and responsive to your financial concerns and questions. Should there be a major life change, we are here to answer your questions and make quick, sound adjustments to your plan.


Advisor, sounding board, compass, coach.
We strive to deliver genuine value to those we serve. We want our clients to focus on family and hobbies knowing they have a trusted advisor skillfully managing their finances. We believe that integrity and objectivity is paramount.


Our clients lead full lives and see the value in engaging a professional to save precious time, steer their financial lives in the right direction, and avoid catastrophic mistakes.

Our investment management clients tend to be career focused individuals or families who own a home, are in a high tax bracket, have accumulated savings, and consistently spend less than they earn. They know what it takes to properly manage their investments but don’t have the time to spend on asset allocation and minimizing risk. They have worked hard to accumulate wealth and understand the importance of hiring a professional to preserve it and ensure that it grows at a reasonable rate.

Rising Tides Financial clients are largely concerned with organizing their finances, planning for retirement, minimizing their income taxes, and maximizing returns while mitigating unnecessary risks.

To see if Rising Tides Financial is the right fit for you, we’re happy to offer a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.

Meet Michael

I founded Rising Tides Financial to help career driven professionals secure their financial future.

I dedicated myself to the financial planning profession because I felt a responsibility to my family to protect our nest egg and invest it at a reasonable rate of return. I pursued several advisors whom I felt didn’t have my best interests in mind, so I leveraged my extensive background as a CPA and Consultant to become a Certified Financial Planner™ and provide this invaluable service to others.

Like my clients I lead a full, active life. I live just outside of Boston with my wife and two teenage sons. I have a tremendous passion for finance and investing and place immense value in diligence and consistency. I enjoy running, yoga, Crossfit, recreational ice-hockey, and live music. I’ve passed my love of blues guitar along to my sons, who even let me jam with them every now and then.

As a Certified Public Accountant with a Masters in Taxation (MST), I understand the complex relationship between investments and taxes and pass that benefit along to my clients.

I seek to provide my clients with direction, discipline, and peace of mind.