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Comprehensive financial planning


A comprehensive financial plan serves as a road map for your financial life. Using a holistic approach, we will evaluate your current and future financial state, define your goals and objectives, and create a plan to achieve them. Your custom financial plan will help you understand your entire financial picture, prioritize your goals, and provide action items and accountability.

Once your plan is in place, the real work begins. We will continue to engage one on one over time to track your progress, monitor your plan, and assess any need for changes or adjustments. By paying an annual or monthly fee, you will get continuous access to us if you have any questions, should life take an unexpected turn, or you’d simply like a sounding board.

Your financial plan can address the following areas of concern:

Business Planning

We provide consulting services for clients who currently operate their own businesses, are considering starting a business, or are planning for an exit from their current business.

Cash Flow and Debt Management

We will conduct a review of your income and expenses, and offer advice regarding spending, saving, debt payment, and appropriate cash reserves.

College Savings

We will project the amount needed for college or other secondary and postsecondary education funding goals, along with advice on ways for you to save and grow the desired amount.

Employee Benefits Optimization

We will review and analyze whether you are taking maximum advantage of your employee benefits. As a business owner, we will consider the various benefit programs that can be structured to meet both business and personal retirement goals.

Estate Planning

We will analyze your exposure to estate taxes and your current estate plan, which may include whether you have a will, powers of attorney, trusts and other related documents.


We will review your existing policies to ensure proper coverage for life, health, disability, long term care, liability, home and automobile.

Investment Analysis

We will develop an asset allocation strategy to meet your financial goals and risk tolerance, provide information on investment vehicles and strategies, and review employee stock options.

Financial Goals

We will help you identify financial goals and develop a comprehensive plan to reach them, including what resources you will need, how much time you will need, and how much you should budget for.

Retirement Planning

We will identify and project your likelihood of achieving financial independence. For situations where projections show less than the desired results, we will recommend adjustments to get you where you want to be, when you want to be there.

Risk Management

We will analyze your exposure to major risks that could have a significant adverse impact on your financial picture, such as premature death, disability, property and casualty losses, or the need for long‐term care planning.

Income Tax Planning

We will review your tax position, seeking to ensure that you minimize current and future income taxes as a part of your overall financial planning strategy.

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How Much does it cost?

While each situation is different, the average cost for a financial plan is $3,500.  The actual fee is determined based on the complexity of the client’s situation.  Hourly planning services are also available with hourly rates ranging from $250 to $350, depending on complexity.

We’ll discuss your finances at a high level, the services we can provide to help you meet your objectives, and determine a fee structure based on your needs.

We’ll define your financial situation, personal and financial goals, timeline, and attitude about risk. We’ll gather all relevant financial documents and information.

We’ll analyze your information to assess your financial situation and determine what’s needed to achieve your goals. This assessment could include analyzing your assets, liabilities and cash flow, current insurance coverage, investments or tax strategies.

We’ll develop and review financial planning recommendations with you that address your goals and concerns and revise recommendations as needed. We’ll present you with a custom financial plan containing specific recommendations and a timeline.

Together we’ll agree on how the specifics of your plan will be carried out and provide necessary accountability. We may carry out the recommendations for you or coordinate the process with other professionals such as attorneys or insurance professionals.

We will monitor your progress, keep you on track, and make any necessary adjustments should life take an unexpected turn.

What seems to keep people up at night more than anything else is the unexpected.